The mission of Teacupfuls Franchise, LLC is:

To provide the most complete and efficient franchise model providing its franchisees the opportunity to experience a rewarding, profitable, and efficient business model.  

TeaCupFuls is not just a tea shop, it’s a dream turned reality. Born out of a love for authentic, artisanal boba, we’ve grown from a single store in 2018 to a thriving business ready to franchise. With a team of 25 dedicated employees, we offer potential franchisees a proven, efficient business model and high-quality products. Our unique touch? We top our drinks with cotton candy and other fun toppings! Plus, we’re able to open a new store in just a few months in the right regions. Join us in spreading joy through every cup!

Utilizing proven systems and processes, along with a simple and replicable operating model, the Franchisor will train each franchisee in best practices and will implement a focus on product quality and customer service in a QSR environment.

Through an effective franchise distribution model, Teacupfuls will provide terrific ongoing support to its franchisees, and is projected to open 53 locations over the next five years.

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